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Webcomics Weekly Guide to Wordiness

March 31, 2009 2 comments

One of my favorite lines of dialogue ever in 4komatose (which will update again, someday) is Ariake’s opening line in issue #5, “tie me up and rub me down,” not because of the perverse inference but because of the juxtaposition of the words up and down. It’s that kind of language geekery that makes me really appreciate the most recent podcast of Webcomics Weekly (#58), especially the first 10 minutes:

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In addition to the discussion of language and wordcraft, I can also identify with Brad and Dave’s categorization of jokes into slapstick and misdirection. As I once mentioned on, Scott prefers physical comedy and I prefer textual comedy, and our different approaches create some marked contrasts in our comic. For example, the I would hold up the aforementioned 4komatose #5 as a prime example of Scott’s scripting work, while 4komatose #4, wherein Kyushu imagines himself in the place of Odin hanging from the World Tree only to be revealed as sitting through a particularly boring Calculus class is a good example of my humor.

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