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The Celebration of Love, Trust, Partnership, Tolerance and Tenacity

February 16, 2010

About this time two years ago I was driving to the Portland, Oregon Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Days Saints to marry the love of my life when she called me on my cell phone.

“We can’t do this,” she said to me (or something to that effect). I had only a moment for the shock and disbelief that she might be backing out to register before she clarified that her father (who was driving to Portland from La Grande) was stuck about two hours from Portland because his truck had broken down.

Fortunately an LDS wedding is a relatively small and simple affair, so we moved the time later in the day without much difficulty. We had scheduled the wedding and the reception several hours apart and the new wedding time fit nicely into the new schedule. We even still had time for our family luncheon between the two — of course, Melissa spent most of the luncheon time on a couch trying to sleep off the flu she had caught that morning, an illness that would last throughout the week of our honeymoon.

It seems that many of the best things in our lives have started with little disasters. Melissa and I had our first real conversation talking about all how depressed I was over some bad personal and family situations. On our first date we missed hearing one of Melissa’s favorite Jazz singers because that night the restaurant she was singing in (which didn’t normally take reservations) was completely reserved. I spent too much for not-so-great food at Greek Cuisina* and we saw the catastrophe that was Ghost Rider.

Who would have thought that failing so miserably would actually bring us closer together? Both Melissa and I later admitted that we went home from that date feeling really good about the night — and of course we later began dating and got married about a year after that first date.

The little disasters continue, but always seem to end in something better than if we were blessed with smooth sailing. I lost my job a year ago this month, but now I own my own business. Labor was a multi-day ordeal for Melissa, but now our son Isaac is 4 months old and almost crawling. Decisions we had to make during that labor started us on an early path of putting his needs above our own, and I am convinced that we treasure him more because of it.

So here’s to the little disasters — they got me where I am today: celebrating a second year with my beautiful bride, happier than I have ever been.

*This is not to say that Greek Cuisina didn’t have good food, just that what we ordered was not.

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  1. Seth
    February 16, 2010 at 6:04 PM

    I’m happy for you both. I wish all couples out there had the same dedication, appreciation, understanding, and patience that makes a real relationship truly worth enjoying. You are truly blessed.

    • February 18, 2010 at 5:44 PM

      Thank you, Seth. I wish so, too.

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