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WordPress Wednesday: How to Transfer Your Plugin Data Using phpMyAdmin

February 10, 2010

I often use Stray Random Quotes for clients who want to display random testimonials (or quotes, natch) on their WordPress sites. Of course, I build their sites completely on my webspace to test them before installing on the client domain. While WordPress has export and import functions for pages, posts and media, my quotes don’t transfer over so easily. Fortunately, the built-in functions of phpMyAdmin can pick up the slack.

The following assumes that you already have WordPress installed on both your test domain and the live domain. I’m using the specific example of Stray Random Quotes but you can do the same with any plugin that creates tables in your WordPress database.

First, make sure you have Stray Random Quotes (or whichever plugin you’re transferring data for) installed on the live site. This is important because the plugin will create the necessary tables for you (saves you a few steps and a lot of headache).

Second, open your WordPress database using phpMyAdmin on your test site. In the left-hand column, click on the database name to expand it, then click on the wp_stray_quotes table.

Click on the “Export” tab in the  main window. Make sure your export format is set for “SQL” and your export type is “INSERT,” then click “Go.”

You should see a text representation of the database export. Copy only the text rows that start with “INSERT INTO.” Paste these into a text file using Notepad and save as a .txt file.

Next, open the WordPress database on your live site using phpMyAdmin. Click on the database name to expand and then on wp_stray_quotes.

Click the “Import” tab, then the “Browse” button. Locate the text file you created previously and click “Open,” then click “Go.”

Your quotes should be imported into the live database.

  1. August 8, 2012 at 1:40 AM

    Thank you so much for posting this! You just saved me hours of work. 😀

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