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The Hunt for Gollum

May 8, 2009

This morning I was finally able to fit this into my busy schedule:

Made on a budget of only £3,000 (about $4,500 as I am writing this), The Hunt for Gollum shows that you don’t need government subsidies, production company backing or even aggressive merchandise licensing in order to produce a successful film. It also shows that fan films do not have to feature poor acting and even poorer cinematography as their most redeeming features.

I’m particularly impressed with how the fight scenes were handled. The average person tends to hold back a little when staging a fight in order to be sure not to actually hit their partner. Not only did the crew in The Hunt for Gollum put forth an active effort to overcome this shortfall, but any actual punch-pulling was cleverly discussed through creative camera cuts and occasional slow-motion.

The casting is decent, although Adrian Webster doesn’t have the strong features I think the lost King of Gondor should, nor does Rita Ramnani have the angular ethereal beauty that one would expect for Arwen. Gandalf looks spot on, and Patrick O’Connor does his best to imitate Ian McKellen.

I only have two real, though minor gripes: 1)  Gollum doesn’t thrash nearly wildly enough when captured, and 2) some of the night scenes (particularly during the last ten minutes) are too dark — you may want to turn the lights out and the screen brightness up when watching.

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