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Saturday Morning Watchmen and How to Succeed in Evil

March 19, 2009

Just a quick link roundup I found interesting:

  • In honor of the Canadian superhero’s 35th anniversary (and no doubt as a way to promote “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” due out in May) here’s Wolverine Appreciation Month art.
  • From the Onion, an Office Worker Suddenly Becomes Sentient.  As a former office drone myself, I can honestly say that an uprising of suddenly intelligent cubicle dwellers is a terrifying prospect.
  • How to Succeed in Evil: The Novel went live on Monday the 16th.  Patrick E. McLean’s antihero Edwin brings some welcome common sense the supervillainy business.  McLean will be releasing one chapter each day until completion.
  • I’m probably the only webcomic artist who hasn’t read the graphic novel and isn’t planning on seeing the movie, but even I know how enough about the story to see the wonderful satire in Saturday Morning Watchmen.

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